t l k is Tara's producer and vocalist moniker. Her sound nests in the ‘melantronic’ subgenre, shaped by Bristol’s improvisation scene and manifested in her introverted moments. Transcendent vocals and intricate sound design are layered with ambient instrumentals, sub infusions and heavy drum beats.

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N E X T  T O  T H E  M I R R O R

NTTM Artwork.png

Her latest single, Next To The Mirror, is a nod to the inner child; a recognition that the pain we feel in others resides somewhere in ourselves. The track features intricate, layered vocals immersed in textural synths, swelling strings and meditative soft piano dialogues. Released 26/01/21.


'It's beautiful... dreamy... Caribou-esque'


'So lush, peaceful... I feel at ease'

'I want to take it with me on a long walk along the coast'

- 2% Rising

Stream: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/tlk2/next-to-the-mirror

Buy on Bandcamp: https://tlkvox.bandcamp.com/releases

Artwork by Marina Victoria Pascual @marinavictoria.space

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F R A M E  O F  T E D

FOT Artwork.jpg

The debut t l k single, Frame Of Ted, was released in Nov 2020. The tracks form a sonic expression of human friendship, departure and identity. Frame Of Ted takes shape around one improvised vocal take, embedded in a pool of soft piano and orange peel, with instrumental textures from Snazzback's Lyrebird (Dave Sanders) and Bethany Stenning of Stanlæy. The single includes two tracks: Frame Of Ted and its introduction, Big Box Of Something. Released 16/11/20.

Frame Of Ted has since appeared on the radio in the UK and Europe, including London's Soho Radio, Manchester's Reform Radio, and Lisbon's Oxigénio FM. It also had a spin at Uebel und Gefährlich, Hamburg, via live-streamed mix set, [sic]nal, and has recently been playlisted on Spotify by Bristol's Saffron Records.

Stream: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/tlk2/frame-of-ted 

Buy on Bandcamp: https://tlkvox.bandcamp.com/releases 

Artwork by Gauri Kumar @gaurik10