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The Marma Project

Tara founded the Marma Project in 2019 in Bristol, UK. Focused on the fusion of sonic, visual and performance art, Marma creates a space for meditative self therapy inside the transience of flow state exploration. The project is led by women and non-binary folk and strives to amplify unheard voices through the medium of art.


During Marma's digital era, Tara played on, produced and mixed the live-streamed tracks in collaboration with the Marma team. Below is one example. You can find the full live-streams on our Facebook page, under Videos.


In response to Covid-19, Marma Sessions moved from a physical event space to the digital realm from March 2020. Improvised soundscapes were recorded and mixed remotely by Marma musicians and shared with live digital audiences from all over the world. Marma streams have held space for 38 collaborating artists, sharing a variety of instrumentals, vocals, paintings, illustrations, animation, dance, movement, breath work, spoken word and streams of consciousness with the Marma community. Marma streams have drawn focus on capturing people’s worlds during the pandemic, as well as amplifying some of the words, energy and reflections from Bristol’s landmark Black Lives Matter Protest, held 07/06/20. In-person events have resumed, finding homes at Cafe Kino, The Secret Larder and Strange Brew over the years.

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