Tara Lily Klein (T) is a producer, vocalist and photographer based in Bristol UK, releasing and performing live music as t l k.


Their sound practice is born of extraversion and introversion in an ever-flowing balance: Bristol's live improvisation scene converges with the solace of Ableton Live. Combining intricate vocal layers, sub-infused synth swells and percussive textures with field recordings captured in Bristol and beyond, T creates immersive, transcendent landscapes through sound as a means to process and understand the worlds in which we swim.

T also works in podcast production, audio journalism, composition and sonic poetry. They are the founder of The Marma Project, an event space for the collaborative cross-media exploration of flow state and multi-sensory play.


Beyond sound, T captures digital photos on a clunky Canon. Subjects range from independent artists, to creative businesses, to natural forms. Most prominently, their stills serve as documentation for UK protest culture in Bristol and beyond.